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CrossFit Vic City offers a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to maximize results for any individual. CrossFit teaches functional movement patterns, or, movements that you find in real life -pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying, and sprinting.  Come on down and check out what our amazing fitness community has to offer!

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  • EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute

    Hey Vic City,

    Do you want to increase your skill and strength while still maintaining a high intensity? Workouts where you complete a set amount of work, every minute on the minute, are the way to go. These workouts are best known as EMOMs. Top Games’ athletes like Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa have used, and continue to use these to increase their own work capacity.

    Our Vic City programming has included a bunch of these in our group classes recently and the training for Monday and Tuesday gives us another challenge. EMOMs are great because they offer a slightly different training effect than your traditional AMRAP. Jason Khalipa has an Instagram account with the handle “emomoftheday” which offers exactly what is says, a new EMOM each day. These are often good if you are travelling or just have limited equipment, but still want a good dose of fitness.

    The goal of EMOMs is to challenge yourself, while maintaining great form in the period you are working. EMOMs usually include a rest period as a reward that can be earned by working quickly. Since you almost always get rest, this gives us the opportunity to go a bit heavier or higher skill than we might in a longer, continuous WOD.

    In the below video Jason Khalipa explains how he uses EMOMs for improving his pulling ability. If you need to work on your pull-ups, think about giving it a shot before or after your class.


    Training Monday – Tuesday

    Warm-up: Partner row and wallball - row 1k together, doing fast switches every 100m. Start slow and build as you go through. Then perform 60 wallballs per partnership, switching every 10 reps.

    Skill: review power clean and push press tech

    WOD: Bar-Baric

    This is a rotating EMOM so you will switch exercises every minute. Warm up well so you find a weight that you can handle for the full 6 rounds of the wod!

    Rx: Rotate EMOM between the following exercises for 6 full rounds:

    First minute: 3 push press

    Second minute: 2 power cleans then 4 front squats

    Third minute: 6 bar hop burpees

    TG: Scale movements and weights as needed

  • Post Featured Image

    A Chat with Greg Glassman, CrossFit's Creator

    "What's happening in the box is a miracle of health, and it looks like this: The [CrossFit] affiliates are an oasis from chronic disease. Their actions in terms of what they build in their community and culture and what comes out the back door, is an unprecedentedly elegant solution to the world's most vexing problem."

    I always enjoy listening to Greg Glassman speak. He is very scientific and also a brilliant orator and it shows through his eloquent manner of explaining his theories and ideas. Ex-CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher recently interviewed the creator of CrossFit on her podcast Pursuing Health. They cover a multitude of topics that were fascinating to me, especially his description of CrossFit affiliates and their role in eliminating chronic disease. If you have an hour to spare, download the podcast or watch the YouTube version below!


    Coach Caleb



    400m KB walk, switch grip every 100m - suitcase, offset, overhead carries

    SKILL: Double KB Thruster - intro and practice

    WOD: Rotato 3.0

    Building on skill rotations we have done before, this workout involves rotating to the next station on the minute.  This time we have 30 seconds of work at each station as opposed to a rep total.  Keep your reps high quality, no score for this wod!

    Rx:  5 rounds, rotating EMOM, and doing 30sec of work at each station:

    1. Row for calories

    2.  Ring Dips or Ring Pushups

    3.  TTB (kip or strict)

    4.  KB Thruster

    TG:  modify pushups, double crunch

    FG:  regular pushups, hanging knee raise

    CP:  ring or bar MU into dips

  • Kokoro 44 - Secured

    Hey gang,

    In July of this year, one of our members took on a monumental challenge of mental and physical toughness.  Kokoro camp is a 50-hour-straight Navy Seal Training experience held in the desert and beach in California.

    Known for their brutal selection process, the Navy SEALs go through a period of training called "Hell Week" which is meant to weed out those who simply don't have the will to be there.  Kokoro camp aims to provide those same challenges in a smaller but very intense package.

    Scott had his eyes on completing Kokoro since 2014 and trained up over about a year to specifically take on this challenge.  Testament to his solid preparation and mental toughness, he survived the 50 hours (and in some cases thrived) in 100 degree plus heat.  Not so for 5 other members of the camp who were dropped for various reasons out of a starting number of 18 participants.

    Scott has many stories to tell but SealFit also has put out some videos describing the challenges that he and other classes faced.  See below for a snapshot of the Kokoro experience from another group and also a video of Scott's class in particular - Kokoro 44 - note Scott's quote to begin the video!

    Well done Scott, truly an epic achievement!


    SealFit experience:

    Kokoro 44 - The Power of Sealfit

    Training Wednesday Thursday

    Warm - Up:  3 rounds -  10 double crunch, 8 lunges, 6 dowel overhead squats

    Skill:  Strict Press 5 x 3 E90s

    Build as you go

    WOD:  Bee Bop

    This wod is an AMRAP in that the faster you run, the more time you have to complete the work!  Note that you only run once!

    Rx:  AMRAP in 11 min of:  800m run, then rounds of  5 power cleans (115/165), 7 deadlifts, 9 bar hop burpees

    TG:  400m run, scale bar weight as needed

    FG1:  bar weight 75/115

    FG2:  95/135

    Comp:  bar weight 135/185

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